Green Organizational Support: A New Approach in Reinforcement and Promoting Green Organizational Behavior of Employees

نوع مقاله : مقاله پژوهشی


1 استادیار گروه مدیریت دولتی و گردشگری دانشگاه محقق اردبیلی، اردبیل، ایران

2 دانشیار، گروه مدیریت دولتی، دانشگاه پیام نور، تهران، ایران


Environmental protection is one of the most important human concerns, for which several actions have been taken. Organizations are no exception to this rule and have taken one of the most basic and important actions in the form of green organizational behavior of employees. Green organizational behavior of employees owes to various factors that organizational support is one of the most important. Paying attention to such issues creates a new and constructive approach in organizations, which is considered as green organizational support. The main purpose of this study is to identify and explain the elements of green organizational support as a new approach to reinforcement and enhancing the green organizational behavior of employees that using a mixed method. The approach used in this method is a concurrent triangulation strategy that taken in two qualitative-qualitative phases. In these phases, two qualitative methods of "Expert Panel-Grounded Theory" have been used, respectively. The main tool used in both quality phases is interviews, which uses 6 experts in the first quality phase, 11 people as academic and executive experts in the second phase, respectively. According to the research findings, in the panel of experts 6 thematic axes were extracted and in the second qualitative phase, 19 components were classified into six main categories of grounded theory. The results of the study indicate that green organizational support can positively affect employees attitudes to green behaviors, and in addition, the organization, managers or colleagues can adopt approaches to support employees who perform their duties be effective and provide an opportunity to create a supportive organizational environment for employees.