Aims and Scope

Aim and Scope

Journal of Organizational Behavior Studies Quarterly is a double blind peer reviewed journal with the aim of developing administration knowledge and also identifying the management problems in organizations and find solutions.The primary purpose of Scientific Journal of Organizational Behavior Studies Quarterly is to publish scholarly research articles with a strong emphasis on Organizational Behavior Management. The journal welcomes conceptual and original research papers describing mature works on Managerial Approaches in Organizational Behavior.


Major topics

Journal of Organizational Behavior Studies Quarterly welcomes researchers, scholars, resource persons and practitioners to come up with their ideas and new perspectives that can extend the existing body of knowledge of Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management. The journal will focus on research and theory in all topics associated with organizational behavior within and across individual, group and organizational levels of analysis, including:

  • At the individual level: personality, perception, beliefs, attitudes, norms & values, motivation, deviant behavior, stress, emotions, judgment, decision-making and commitment.
  • At the group level: leadership, power, group affect, and politics.
  • At the organizational level: structure, change, goal-setting, creativity, and human resource management policies and practices, performance, job satisfaction, turnover and absenteeism, diversity, work-life balance, identification, organizational culture and climate.